PROGRESS: CTF Takes Great Strides

Since our inception in November 2017, we have grown from having two clients to now having more than 60 clients. Additionally, we now connect with family, friends and loved ones who are supporting the someone close to them who has been incarcerated.

We started out in Maplehurst Correctional Center but now connect with inmates in detention centers, treatment centers and penitentiaries from Canada’s East Coast to West Coast.

When we were incorporated on July 01, 2019 we had four working board members. We now have added an Advisory Council, a Media team, a crisis phone line & correspondence team and a parent’s group.

We’re working with inmates who cross the spectrum from minor driving infractions and minor theft charges, to inmates with weapons & drug possession charges, robbery, arson, criminal assault, child & human trafficking, attempted murder and first degree murder.

Inmates we work with show willingness to reflect on their lives, are open to transformation, and have a desire to create a more positive future for themselves.

We have offered some unique services in the past year, such as providing a daily newspaper to a range where many CTF clients resided. We have also made lawyer and phone service referrals. We have submitted three character references to inmates which were used in their trials to demonstrate the positive response to our programs & services.

We are now four months away from the end of our first fiscal year and are very excited about the new opportunities opening up every day. We are welcoming new volunteers, new members, and new business partnerships.

Our new website is just one example of the ways our nonprofit is growing and I am looking forward to sharing more and more encouraging developments as we move through the next few months and years.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers, family members, inmates, lawyers, medical teams, accountants and business owners whose continuous support helped CTF navigate its beginning years. We planted seeds which are now growing into wonderful gardens and the fruit of our efforts is abundantly clear.

Published by Rachel Perry

Co-founder of CTF Chair of Board of Directors Director of Crisis Phone Line & Transformation Correspondence Volunteer Coordinator

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